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Welcome to our sister site to Third Eye Vibes! Here we provide a premium psychic rune, tarot, and oracle reading experience like no other. Our premiere readers are the very talented Mars Aquarius, and the lovely Runa, both very experienced and talented readers. Mars is not only a talented reader and top rated advisor on several platforms, but is also a certified life coach and meditation facilitator. Runa also works on several top platforms, and also is a certified life coach. So we have two very experienced and very talented advisors right at our launch.
We are here to help guide you on your individual path on the road of life. So sit with us for a spell, and get ready to open the mystic third eye portal to some Third Eye Vibes!

Live Psychic Rune, tarot, & Oracle readings


If you are seeking answers to your questions, then you have come to the right place. There is a reason you have found yourself here at this very moment in time. The mysteries of life unfold in strange synchronous ways and our readers have unique gifts and specialties to help guide you along your path in life. Please understand that you must adhere to the following guidelines when using our services:

  • No pregnancy readings

  • No medical readings

  • No legal readings


To connect with the advisor of your choice just click the button beneath the advisor to access their service page.

  • Hours: Mars 24/7, Runa 6am - 7pm EST

  • Live chat, live call, & live video

  • Any device & worldwide just $3.99 per minute

Our Advisors

Psychic Intuitive

Mars Aquarius

Master Psychic rune, tarot, and oracle reader. Love, life, and spirit path readings. Live chat, call, and video

Intuitive Empath

Mystic Runa

Intuitive empath specializing in rune and oracle reading including southern style cartomancy.
Live chat and live call

Our Story

Third Eye Vibes is the brainchild of Matt Buchanan (Mars) and his wife Gina (Runa), the cocreators of the ***Hawk Moon Visions ***Podcast. Mars and Runa are both professional psychics who read on several noteable platforms under various reader names. (Purple Ocean, Purple Garden, Psychics For Hire, Best Psychic Directory, Hawk Moon Visions, to name a few) Both are listed on the prestigious Best Psychic Directory and both are certified Life Coaches as well as advisors with many years of experience in the psychic industry. The inspiration for this particular project comes as a flash of inspiration to materialize as Third Eye Vibes.

Our names

The names chosen for this project or the next segment of our professional careers reflect not only our many years of experience, but also our personal "mojo" if you will. A readers name reflects the mystical person he or she must summon or become in order to bypass mundane thought processes in order to access mysteries. Runa is a word that means mystery, so her name reflects the mystique behind the woman, the seeker of mysteries. The Mars Aquarius is never at rest, always at war with limitation and ever burning with creativity and the search for higher knowledge and wisdom.

The podcast

In the current episode of the podcast we did a special episode on Gratitude. Out now and you can listen below or on the outlet of your choice. Join myself and the Mystic Runa for a fun and lighthearted episode on this very important and uplifting topic that when put into practice will help bring peace, joy, and meaning to our everyday lives. Out now and in all outlets!

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This service is for entertainment and informational purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. Clients must be a minimum of 18 years of age to book, receive, or purchase a reading. Our readings or services are not to be used as a substitute for legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Clients are encouraged to seek a legally licensed medical doctor for health concerns as well as the advice of a licensed professional in the area of legal or financial or any affiliates or advisors cannot and will not be held legally or personally responsible for your actions or non actions based on the information provided within your sessions. By purchasing and Using our services you are agreeing that you are releasing us from any and all legal liability.BY PURCHASING ANY OF OUR SERVICES YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.Copyright 2023: Third Eye Vibes