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Hail and welcome to all who visit this sacred space! At Intuitive Insights we provide true and authentic Intuitive Rune, Tarot, and Oracle readings in the Southern Folk Tradition, delivered from the heart by two amazing and talented Spiritual Readers and Spiritual Life Coaches. We offer Live telephone, chat, and video services here as well as an Audio Email Reading service that is sure to please. We are glad you are here, and we look forward to helping you find answers and clarity along your life path!

About Us

Christopher (Matt) and Regina Buchanan are Intuitive Empaths and Advisors of the highest order. They have worked many years in the industry and are listed on the prestigious Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. They both work with clients around the world to help them build a better life, and they are not only sought after, but quite successful!

Both Matt and Regina also work on two of the Top apps in the iOS and Android stores where Matt is both Top Rated and Top Accuracy, and Regina has been staff pick three times in just one year.
Matt s a gifted Intuitive Empath and a first generation out of the woods child of Appalachia, with a reading style that is gentle, nonjudgmental, and colored by his poetic wisdom. Regina is an Intuitive Empath and child of the Mississippi delta, with a lighthearted and direct style that comes through in her Readings with a lovely southern belle charm.

Matt and Regina are also certified Spiritual Life Coaches with a focus on Transformation based coaching toward a renewed and purpose filled life. They are cohosts of the Radinat Transformations podcast found in Spotify and Apple Podcasts and also right here at the bottom of the page. If you are looking to go deeper in your life and spiritual journey you can find their coaching work at the following link:

7am - 5pm PST

To schedule or initiate a reading just click the buttons beneath the Advisor image to access bio, scheduler, and service pages. Immediate callback or chat requests can be initiated through the Click4Advisor system as well during our hours of operation.

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Telephone: (540) 300 - 2711

  • No pregnancy, legal, or medical readings

  • No mediumship readings

  • No past life readings

  • $3.00 per minute

Christopher Buchanan
(Intuitive Advisor)

Regina Buchanan
(Intuitive Advisor)

Radiant Transformations Podcast


“You are amazing, honest and kind and always explaining what everything means. Also so patient. I appreciate everything you do. Not just an intuitive but a guide. A person with an amazing understanding of people and relationships.” - Kelly Whitaker

"Oh I'm so blessed to have met her, we have something so special that is common between us and I feel alot better and I'm hopeful of what is coming in my way!! And I will most definitely come back soon... you will love her!! Many blessings to her!! Thank you so much!" - Jeannice

“Thank you so much, such a wonderful soul. He gives such great counsel and confidence. Always genuine and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Lisa Ann Walker

“Amazing life path reading with so so much detail. Spot on with everything. He is my go to and I highly recommend him.” - Emily Marzetti

"I love her! LOL. I have never said that about a reader... EVER. She gives you exactly what you're asking for with no fluff. Very straightforward, honest, with no fairytales, which I adore. Give me the truth on what is seen and let me decide my path." - Anita Walker

“He is always really good, straightforward and direct. His honesty and compassion always warms my heart. He also flows quickly and naturally” - Shirley Hillman

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